Housing & Homelessness

Washington is experiencing a perilous housing shortage. Home prices and rent costs are going up faster than wages can keep up. In Thurston County, home prices have increased significantly with the median home price now reaching a cost of $500,000 which is out of reach for many families.

As a result, more families are spending up to half of their income on housing costs. This puts people at greater risk of falling into homelessness, especially seniors, people with disabilities, and low-wage workers.

To address the housing crisis, we must increase housing options, provide assistance to prevent families from falling into homelessness, and strengthen protections for renters. We need to create abundant housing by investing in the Housing Trust Fund, increasing opportunities for first time home buyers, and increasing housing options for working families and low-income renters.

We all benefit from having affordable and abundant housing and I will spend the next four years in the State Senate working to build more homes, especially in cities, so that everyone in Thurston County can benefit from a vibrant economy and affordable housing.