“As a State Representative, Jessica Bateman has shifted the narrative around the urgent issue of housing, pushing for change that increases supply and makes housing more affordable for working people across the state. She has taken critical steps to protect and enhance access to reproductive healthcare for all Washingtonians. As State Senator, she will continue fighting for working families. Jessica Bateman has my full support.”

– Attorney General Bob Ferguson

“From day one, Jessica Bateman became a leader to address our housing crisis. She has worked tirelessly for healthy communities, and I know she will continue to advocate for great public schools, family wage jobs, healthcare access including reproductive care, and investments in infrastructure and small businesses.”

– Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland

“In the Legislature, Rep. Bateman has spent years making real progress on housing affordability, urgent action on climate, and opportunity for every Washingtonian.  Her leadership and policy expertise will be an asset in the State Senate for the 22nd district and neighbors across our state.”

– Lt. Gov. Denny Heck

“As an Olympia Councilmember, 22nd district Representative and community leader, Jessica has demonstrated a keen awareness of the needs of our communities and been effective at getting results that move us all forward. She has my full support to represent the district as our next State Senator.”

– State Senator Sam Hunt


Lacey Professional Firefighters Local 2903

National Women’s Political Caucus


  • Chris Reykdal
    Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Marko Liias
    State Senator
  • Drew Hansen
    State Senator
  • Mona Das
    Former State Senator
  • Karen Fraser
  • Former State Senator
  • Beth Doglio
    State Representative
  • Liz Berry
    State Representative
  • Julia Reed
    State Representative
  • Laurie Dolan
  • Former State Representative


  • Carolina Mejia
    Thurston County Commissioner
  • Tye Menser
  • Thurston County Commissioner
  • Jeff Gadman
    Thurston County Treasurer
  • Sarah Tonge
  • Olympia Port Commissioner


  • Carolyn Cox
    Lacey City Council
  • Robin Vazquez
    Lacey City Council


  • Dontae Payne
    Olympia Mayor
  • Jim Cooper
    Olympia City Council
  • Yến Huỳnh
    Olympia City Council
  • Dani Madrone
    Olympia City Council
  • Lisa Parshley
    Olympia City Council


  • Debbie Sullivan
    Tumwater Mayor
  • Leatta Dahlhoff
    Tumwater City Council
  • Angela Jefferson
  • Tumwater City Council
  • Kelly Von Holtz
  • Tumwater City Council