Preventing Gun Violence

Every Washingtonian deserves to be safe from gun violence.

Gun violence impacts each and every one of our communities. In Washington state, someone is killed with a gun every 12 hours and every act of gun violence is preventable. We need leaders in elected office to stand up to the gun lobby and keep our communities safe. We know there are policies we can and should be adopting to reduce the number of gun deaths in our state.

Gun violence is a public health issue. Across the country, gun violence claims over 36,000 lives each year, and more people die annually by guns than by car accident in our state. It is a complex public health crisis that deserves a comprehensive public health response and solutions. In the legislature I have voted yes to ban high-capacity magazines, outlaw the open carry of guns at public demonstrations, voting stations, city council chambers, on the capital campus, and to ban ghost guns. I am proud to earn the endorsement of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility and have an A++ voting record for gun safety measures.

I will continue to support gun violence prevention, responsible gun ownership, and keeping our communities and schools safe. We must do everything we can to close dangerous loopholes, keep guns out of the hands of those intent on causing harm, strengthening our existing laws, and passing commonsense gun laws.